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ZOMBIE DICE is a simple and quick push-your-luck dice game. As usual Steve Jackson Games gives us another hit that’s simply fun! We just finished CHASING, EATING BRAINS and GETTING SHOTGUNNED all the way through this game. Please enjoy some brains and have a read of our review…

This game is very small which is great for those of you looking for a game you can carry to a buddies house. All the games contents are contained in a small pop can sized tube which is also great for randomizing the dice before pulling them out.

Gameplay is simple. You ARE the zombie On your turn shake the dice container and then pull 3 victims(Dice) out without looking at their color. Roll these three dice. The outcome can be one of the following:
– Brains (mmm good you want these)
– Footprints (Represent running)
– Shotgun Blast (represents death. If you get 3 your turn ends and you will not score any brains)

After rolling these dice you separate them into a piles, as shown in the photo, brains dice, run dice and shotgun dice. As long as you don’t have 3 shotgun dice you can continue to pull more dice always in search for more brains. Be careful though, if you do reach 3 shotguns before giving up you will lose any brains you have acquired on that turn.

A piece of paper will be needed to make note of how many brains each player is at. First to 13 brains wins the game. Simple right? This game really is about pushing your luck chasing more brains. It’s light and fun and if you like dice games check it out.

Other notes:

– They recommend playing the game with 4 players but you can play with more. I guess it might get boring if you played with a ton of players as you would be waiting awhile for your turn.
– Each game takes about 10 to 20 minutes, and can be taught in a single round
– There is also an IOS app:

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