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Joel Hendershott

Co-Found and Lead Editor

I could probably write a novel on my life. It would be long and event filled for my 29 years, but more importantly it would be largely boring with a few interesting stories.

My quality of life is directly proportioned to the length of my beard

I was born in Texas, moved throughout TX and OK for many years between parents, and got a wild hair and moved to…Canada? Anyway I’m married with 2 kids, and they’re largely awesome. I embrace changes in all it’s forms. I have had jobs from Farm Hand, to Pipeline Welder, to licensed Paramedic, to Vector Control (I killed mosquitoes in Serious Numbers). I’m now earning my living as Software QA Tester. I settled on software because it’s easy, it’s conducive to my strength training, and I don’t hate it.

Since I have ‘commitments’ now I can’t change my living situation or jobs as frequently so…I do weird stuff instead like

  • Create Boardgame review sites
  • Compete in powerlifting and strongman
  • Karaoke sober

It’s a moderately exciting life for a middle aged married guy with 2 kids.

My Top 5 games

  1. Dungeons and Dragons (3.5 ed specifically)
  2. Flashpoint: Fire Rescue
  3. Formula D
  4. Gunrunners (More like FunRunners)
  5. Escape from Sunset Island

I’m a big car guy. I love all types, exotic super euros, japanese ricers, though I’m partial to american muscle. One of my top 10 being the car I own, my ’83 Camaro.

If your a board game creator/publisher and looking for an honest opinion about your latest game, feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to play through and review your title.

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