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Kickstarter Back or Whack Volume #1

I spend way to much time on kicktraq and kickstarter. We’ve reviewed a number of games. I’ll be posting a weekly post Every Thursday showing 5-10 games on…

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Zont Deck Review

Check out the Alien Deck of Cards, The Zont Deck currently On Kickstarter You should support this Kickstarter if any of these apply to you: You like card…

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Stones of Fate Review

I Review Stones Of Fate from Cosmic Wombat Games Coming soon to Kickstarter Also please be sure to Follow us on Twitter , and check out my…

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los cthuluchadores

Los Cthuluchadores: Elder Things in the Wrestling Ring – Review

When Los Cthuluchadores (Now on Kickstarter!) arrived for review we immediately Grappled the game, Shambled across the street to the local pub and set up this cool looking game…

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Coming to Kickstarter Feb 15th, 2014

Champions of Story Review

Welcome to the Competition of Story Champions: a battle of wit, dexterity, and intelligence for glory and laurels. Each round you will be presented with a unique set…

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We just received Los Cthuluchadores. Review coming soon!

We recently received the game Los Cthuluchadores: Elder Things in the Wrestling Ring. Which is now on Kickstarter. Luchador                  …

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The most-backed board game in Kickstarter history – Robot Turtles.

Robot Turtles took kickstarter by storm and become the the most-backed board game in Kickstarter history. Congrats to all the people involved in this great success. If you…

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Foodie Dice, Makes Cooking a game!

Check out this fun kickstarter which turns cooking from a chore to a game! Basically its a set of 9 dice which you tumble and roll. The dice…

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