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Kickstarter Back or Whack Volume #1

I spend way to much time on kicktraq and kickstarter. We’ve reviewed a number of games. I’ll be posting a weekly post Every Thursday showing 5-10 games on kickstarter. It will be given a BACK or WHACK tag. You know like ‘That sh** is WHACK’. Disclaimer **If we receive a game to review they will not be in this list but have their own review post**

New This Week

Cave Escape – BACK

This game looks something akin to Zombie Dice by Steve Jackson, but with a further twist and a deeper element. I would see this game going for around $35 retail. So while you may not be getting a steal backing on kickstarter I don’t think you’ll be overpaying and I think this will be a good fun fuller game. Cave Escape -- Kicktraq Mini


This just looks like a beautiful game. I normally have an issue with backing already existing and working games, but this looks like a must have. The art is incredible and will come with “Super Cute Minis” . The general feel of the game is refreshing and it’s already reached +300% of it’s goal. TOKAIDO - COLLECTOR'S EDITION -- Kicktraq Mini

Game Developerz – BACK

I don’t know about guys and gals but I’m all over Game Dev Tycoon on Steam and Game Dev Story on android. So the theme is up my alley. It looks like a game that will truly take a tongue in cheek but accurate look at the video game industry.  You’ve got to pick the best of 6 features to create a great game.  The art is perfect for the theme and feel and “Super Cute”. What’s with every using Super Cute this week? Game Developerz - The Games Industry Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini  

Nuts and Knockers – WHACK

Just my personal opinion but do we really need another inappropriate party card game. Especially when the styling is the same. This is kickstarter not EA move away from doing the same thing and let’s get creative! Nuts & Knockers: A Hilarious Party Game for (im)mature crowd -- Kicktraq Mini

Tabletop Taverns – Back

If you’re looking to take your tabletop RPG’s to the next level and have some money to burn buy new RPG rulebooks….OR you could go out and buy some Tabletop Taverns and really decorate those maps. We all know it’s about feel and atmosphere. So fill up those Steins, pump up the atmo music, light some candles…Plop some buildings on your map and get to looting! Tabletop Taverns. -- Kicktraq Mini

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