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We have been looking at Kickstarter board game projects for quite some time. We play lot’s of games, so effectively we are constantly consuming content. Whether that’s reviews of games, the games themselves, opinions etc. I’m a firm believer in creating content not just consuming which is why we have a review site. Well, that’s partially true. We also want media passes to PAX expo 2014.

I have had several ideas of games over the last year. Some evolved into a proof of concept but they would need a lot of reworking to be fun. Some stopped at an ‘it’ll play’ idea.

These include:
  • A mining game, where players place workers, upgrade equipment to dig deeper to get better materials.
  • A Software development worker placement game. the idea is based on completing project cards through the year, with a gantt chart as the board.
  • A pirate game, but only to push around small wooden boats.
These games could be fleshed out but really didn’t stick. However one idea did stick. Super Street Racing: The board game(Title is a work in progress) Over the next weeks, months, years that I’ll be working I’ll post my progress. Here it is now…man this looks like it sucks! WP_20140109_001

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