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New Flashpoint: Fire Rescue Expansion!

For all you Flashpoint: Fire Rescue fans out there, we’re only a few weeks away from getting the expansions for kickstarter!

Be expecting full review of:

Flashpoint: Fire Rescue – Extreme Danger 


includes two full sized game boards (two story Laboratory & Garage), a half sized game board (the attic & basement that can be added to either the Laboratory or Garage, and can also be combined with the boards in 2nd Story for three levels of firefighting).  Extreme Danger also includes 9 miniatures (one for each of the specialists), and colored bases for those.  New gameplay features include fireproof doors, explosive objects, dangerous objects/chemical spills.


Flash Point: Fire Rescue – 2nd Story

The second expansion pack for Flash Point: Fire Rescue. Inside you will find two double-sided mounted game boards and a counter sheet that contains ladders, windows, an explosion marker, and more. Each game board represents one floor of a building, and the player firefighters will need to cover more area in this expansion to keep things under control. Ladders and stairs provide access to the upper building level, and windows let firefighters enter and leave the building without causing structural damage.


I don’t know the exact date but I will also be receiving the Dangerous Waters expansion. Which is actually the on I’m looking forward to the most. There is some conflicting information out there however. The original post had me under the impression that Dangerous Waters would be shipped in 2014. However this BGG article seems to suggest it will be shipped with the other 2. One can only hope!

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