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No Thanks – Review

My interest recently peaked for a lighter game. One I could easily take and play while traveling or in-between games. Being a winner is hard, I have to wait for all the losers. I came across “No Thanks” which is a card game from 2004 designed for 3 to 5 players. I said ‘Yes Please!’ to this great card game and here’s why…

The basics of the game are really simple. There are only 2 components, the cards and the chips. Start by burning 9 cards from the supplied deck and place the remaining cards in the middle of the playing field faced down. Due to your generosity you’re also going to give each player 11 chips. Once you’re set up, decide who will go first. The first player flips the top card over and decides whether he or she will take that card or say “No Thanks” and place a red chip on it to pass. The decision goes from player to player until someone is willing to take the card and whatever red chips accumulated with it. The kicker is you have a limited amount of chips which are used to pass. Once you’re out of chips you’re forced to pick up. Picking up cards isn’t all bad. After all we aren’t playing 52 pickup. If you get a sequence going you only count the lowest card of that sequence towards your score. Push your luck a little when you see a card which allows you to create a sequence. If you’re holding 28 and 27 is turned, chances are no one will want it. This is of course unless they are holding 26 or flat out hate you. Haters gonna hate! Before you make the rash decision to pickup look around the table and more importantly, PUSH YOUR LUCK! Let the decision go around the table to accumulate red chips before you decide to pick up. Be attentive though cause every red chip added to the card may make it more appealing to the other players. The trick to the game is to end up with the lowest card total after subtracting a point for every red chip remaining. For example, if your total is 35 and you have 5 chips remaining, your final score is 30. The player with the lowest store wins. This is a great game. Board game geek is currently giving it a 6.98 score but it should be higher. If you’re looking for a quick relaxed fun game give this a shot!

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