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Space Beans is a small filler game which plays fast and is easy to learn. The objective of the game is to collect space beans in similar colors which later can be converted into trophy points (first to 30 wins). We have been reviewing many filler style games lately so here is another…..

This game is small so instead of walking you through every detail of this game let me just cut right to the likes and dislikes 🙂

  • Easy to learn.
  • Plays fairly fast although I only tried playing the game with 2 and 3 players.
  • The push your luck aspect of being caught with a hand in which no cards can be added to either public or secret collection. Results in being forced to throw away public collection.
  • To build of the previous point I enjoyed trying to pass cards which might screw up a neighboring player 🙂
  • Super portable game which could be brought along on trips.

  • The theme doesn’t really add anything to the game. Or at least for me it didn’t. I found myself only looking at the color of the card and not the graphics at all. In this way I would almost prefer if the cards just were solid colors. Maybe I’m boring 🙂 It’s actually interesting that they seem to have used a character on the front of the box which looks like Darth Vader from Star Wars. Not sure if they have rights to do this or if they would need to.
I have been told this game is very similar to Bohnanza Although apparently Bohnanza has a trading mechanic in it.

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